Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Can a blog one day replace true journalism?

Can a blog one day replace true journalism?
What is the possibility that one day, magazines,newspapers and other respected printed matter will be replaced by individual blogs?

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njbrad said...

I posted this on the opening thread and think it addresses this as well. I don't think traditional media will be replaced by Blogs, I simply think Blogs will gain increasingly larger importance as supplemental outlets for information...

I think the concept of a completely unbiased news media has always been just that, a concept. I'll never forget a journalism class I took in the late '70s wherein the instructor (a long-time editor in the world of newsmagazines) made it clear the first day that we all have to, and should, bring our points of view to the stories. He also made it clear that we all had to stick to the facts we had so as not to be completely biased, rahter we could make decisions as to which were the more salient facts.

Unfortunately, the MSM has gotten into the habit, it seems, of not applying proper analysis to what they report. If person A says the sky is blue and person B says the sky is green, it's not enough to report that this is what they said without going on to say that person A's comments are backed by the facts.

This is a somewhat long-winded lead-in to my belief that with Blogs, you can usually get a pretty quick read on the slant that the blogger, and their commentors (is that a real word?), bring to their postings. I certainly lean left and tend to read more blogs that I agree with politically. I also make it a point to regularly visit some from the other end of the spectrum to see what their takes on the news are.

I look at Blogs more as Op-Ed columns than news articles. Columnists from anywhere on the political spectrum can do both good and bad with their writings. Likewise with Blogs. In both cases, at least we have a good sense of from where their perspective comes.