Monday, March 21, 2005

Publishers are under increasing skepticism by the public

Publishers are under increased skepticism by the public at large. Is that as it should be? Do we deserve the skepticism? Are we as a group failing in our public trust? Or is this just an aberration, blown out of proportion by a few and perceived a failure of many?
Either way, what to we do to regain our creditability?

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Anonymous said...

We need to serve readers not advertisers. I know it sounds quaint but the basic contract is between the magazine and its readers, and the advertising should go where the reader and magazine have the tightest, and in some cases largest, bond. Our credibility gap is self created by losing focus on the reader, forcing inflated circulation levels not created by reader interest. Seems like we got lazy and figured it was easier to find alternative methods for circ rather than to explain diminished or lower than anticipated interest from readers.