Monday, May 14, 2007

Affluent Regional Magazine Readership in 87 Markets

Affluent Regional Magazine Readership in 87 Markets

According to a new report by The Media Audit, Texas Monthly, which is read by more than two million adults across the state of Texas, reaches 38.7% of all adults in San Antonio who earn $75,000 or more in household income, making it the number one publication in reaching affluent households among The Media Audit's 87 measured markets.
And Austin came in second! The surveys, through March 2007, found that Texas Monthly in Austin ranked second in reaching affluent households (38.2% of affluent households read one or more of the past four issues). Affluent households are defined as those adults who earn $75,000 or more in household income. Next are:

Texas Monthly in Houston (33.5%)
Tucson Lifestyle (31.7%)
Boston Magazine (31.6%)

The conversion rate used by The Media Audit (the percent of total readers who are likely to read every issue) points to the loyalty or frequency of exposure of a media's audience. Among the affluent reading the Texas Monthly in San Antonio and the Tucson Lifestyle, more than three quarters of the total readers also read the past issue, suggesting that these publication's affluent readers are very likely to be exposed to every issue, concludes the report.

Bob Jordan, President of Houston-based International Demographics, Inc., comments, "The degree of audience loyalty for these City and Regional Magazines is significant when you compare them to other media such as radio or television..."

Rounding out the top ten publications reaching affluent households one or more times in the previous four issues are:

Pittsburgh Magazine (30.6% of affluent adults)
D Magazine in Dallas-Ft. Worth (30.4%)
Sacramento Magazine (29.5%)
Gulfshore Life in Ft. Myers-Naples (28.6%)
Milwaukee Magazine (28.3%)

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